Donnerstag, 19. Oktober 2017

AreFriends Electric

Bildergebnis für gary numan

A few days ago I discovered The Fixx once again and thought about writing a post about them. But Brian made a great post about them and I have nothing more to say about them than he did. So I took the chance to switch to another song from this era. Tubeway Army were one of these bands that made the song of the summer in this year. Back in 1979 Gary Numan surprised us with one of the first electronic songs in the New Wave era. This song was new, shocking and not compatible to the music we used to listen at these days. Listening back to these days and playing this song again it is more than compatible to my current taste. It was groundbreaking almost 40 years ago and still a classic.

Montag, 16. Oktober 2017

Forgotten Gems

Bildergebnis für the orchids band

It is almost 30 years ago when The Orchids, another Glasgow band released their first single. Therefore to celebrate this anniversary Cherry Red released a retrospective of their singles, lp-cuts and rarities. When I got the news I remembered that there is a their first 10-inch in my collection. Lyceum was released in the late 80's and several years too late to become famous. It was filled with great and timeless songs. I have to admit that it took this retrospective to take me back to The Orchids and their songs. A lot of similar bands were featured and praised but they got  forgotten. I would like to give them another chance at this place that more people could get aware of their greatness.

The Orchids - Apologies
The Orchids - Obsession #1
The Orchids - Another Saturday Night
The Orchids - It's Only Obvious (Acoustic Version)
The Orchids - Welcome To My Curious Heart (Acoustic Version with Pauline Hinds)

Sonntag, 15. Oktober 2017

Deadly Valentine

Bildergebnis für charlotte gainsbourg

To be honest I always liked the music of Serge Gainsbourg because it sounds to be from a different world. I loved his voice and the lyrics as far as I understood them in past days and I always returned to him from time to time. I knew a few songs from his daughter together with Jane Birkin Charlotte. I was surprised that she announced a new record after a very long time staying absent from music. The first track from the so titled album was Rest, a piano based ballad. Their latest appetizer for the new album was Deadly Valentine a much more electronic adventure for her. Based on hypnotic electric beats her voice flows like mist over a river. Beautiful to start into Sunday.

Donnerstag, 12. Oktober 2017

American Storyteller

Bildergebnis für bruce springsteen 1978

Can't believe but it is true that is 44 years ago when I first heard from Bruce Springsteen as one of the best new artists around. I bought his first two records and really enjoyed them because they were new, fresh and different to all the other stuff from across the ocean. There was one person telling me stories from the unknown places in NYC and I absorbed it to me. At these days I never left Germany for longer times, except for little trips to Austria with my parents. In times were music was boring and I waited for something new to come Springsteen appeared on the scene with great songs and pure enthusiasm. At this time he was rough, pure and full of energy. Far beyond the things he did later with the overproduced things on Born To Run. Not that they are bad, but he lost the ground on his feet. I still love some of his later songs until now and I saw him a several times live during the last decades and every concert astonished me about acting live on stage. To be frankly I will always return to him and his songs from the early days.

Mittwoch, 11. Oktober 2017

When Ohio Joins San Pedro

Bildergebnis für firehose band

One thing I really love about the blogs I constantly visit is that sometimes you are surprised about a post you didn't expected and your musical fondness changes rapidly. This happened when Brian posted about fIREHOSE last week. When Minutemen appeared on the scene nothing was like before. I played Double Nickles On The Dime at these days very often and was deeply sad when I heard about D.Boon's deadly accident and thought by myself that another band will vanish in history. The more I was surprised when fIREHOSE revived from the fragments of Minutemen. Ragin', Full On was a highlight in 1986 but for me they're second record If'n means more to me. Moving away from the tradition of Minutemen to more extensive song. This album is more different than their first and showed their mellow side and their heavy side as well. I think that Mike Watt was the leading figure in this band at this time. He wrote most of the songs and the way he played the bass was extraordinary. I spent the last days for hours listening to their old output and never got tired listening to them. Great band, great songs, great fun.

fIREHOSE - Something
fIREHOSE -  Windmilling
fIREHOSE - For The Singer Of REM
fIREHOSE - In Memory Of Elisabeth Cotton

Montag, 9. Oktober 2017

Some Australian Psychedelic For Your Pleasure

Bildergebnis für psychedelic rock

Listening to new songs/sounds the recent days the more I think that young kids stepping backwards with knowing the psychedelic sounds of the late 60's. One example are Brisbane's Sacred Shrines. Torn between the sound of acid inspired flower power culture and Dream Sydincate's Days Of Wine And Roses they make a great unique sound of their own. If you are a bit into these sound so you should give them a listen.

Another band following these origins is Melbourne based The Black Heart Death Cult.. Learned by various psych-rock legends they combine their sound with ingredients of Brit-pop. It is like Oasis experimenting with My Bloody Valentine. I know this is namedropping but it is new, fresh and bracing.

Sonntag, 8. Oktober 2017

Bonus Posting Tears In Rain

Bildergebnis für blade runner wallpaper

A few days ago Blade Runner 2049 started at the cinema. I didn't had the chance right now to see the movie right now but today German TV presented the original right now. It is still a stunning movie. All the atmosphere, the decoration and the story is still ahead of time. Sitting here and watching it makes great fun. Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer were at the hight of their levels.